What is Technical Communication

Technical Communication is the process of gathering information from experts and presenting it to an audience in a clear, easily understandable form.

These “experts” can be engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, or anyone else with a special knowledge of a certain field of study. Technical communicators gather knowledge from these experts by conducting interviews and reading previously published material.

The technical communicator then studies the audience and determines the best way to present the information. Should it be a Web site? A book? A brochure? An illustration? A chart? The technical communicator reshapes the information so that the audience can have access to it and understand it. This is why technical communicators can have a variety of job titles, such as writer, editor, illustrator, or web designer.

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Job titles/roles for the technical communication skill set.

  • Technical writers
  • Usability specialists
  • Documentation managers
  • Technical editors
  • Information developers
  • Documentation specialists
  • Technical communicators
  • Technical illustrators
  • Managers of technical communication departments
  • Teachers of technical communication
  • Web designers
  • Technical translators 

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