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If you have ideas or suggestions for topics, speakers, or meeting locations, please send a message to We strive to provide programming that supports the growth and development of our members!

October 2023

STC Atlanta Virtual Town Hall

Thursday | October 19 | 7PM – 8PM ET
This virtual meeting gave chapter members a chance to meet community council members and volunteer(s). We made introductions, reviewed the year’s events and, in looking ahead to 2024, took time for members to ask questions and share their thoughts.

September 2023

Efficient and Accessible InDesign Practices Most Designers Don’t Use

Presenter: Colleen Gratzer
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August 2023

Alt Text: Everything you need to know beyond just “99 Red Balloons”

Presenter: AmyJune Hineline
Listen or view the recording / Passcode: Ye3*uU@%
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July 2023

2023 STC Summit Recap – Accessibility 

Hosts: STC Atlanta and the STC Accessibility SIG
Resources from the chat

June 2023

The 7 Habits of Highly Accessible Web Content (hosted by Learn

Presenter: Alicia St. Rose
Listen to or view the recording  with subtitles
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May 2023

New Era, Same Problem: Making Visual Content Accessible for VI Users

Presenter: Dr. Philip Gallagher
Listen to or view the recording / Passcode for recording is T9*&aFdB
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Accessible Documents: How long will it take?

Presenter: Dax Castro, ADS
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2030 STC Technical Communication Summit

14-17 May – Atlanta, GA
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STC turned 70!

2023 is STC’s Platinum Anniversary year. Learn STC’s origin story, it’s evolution through its history and how STC will serve technical communicators in the years to come. Check out our 70th Anniversary page for how we are celebrating!

March 2023

Accessibility Audits: Learn How to Make a Case for Accessibility

Presenter: Dr. Laura Palmer
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January 2023

Folding accessibility into the documentation process

Presenter: Char James-Tanny
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October 2022

Hiring Booms, Mass Resignations, and Pre-recession Layoffs, Oh My! How to Score Your Next Position in a Shifting Job Market

Presenter: Jack Molisani

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